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    Large number of cards or variables

    Jason Capriotti

      We are considering setting up a part standardization system where you pick what category the part goes in and you select the attributes that define the part. Pick a category then certain variables are available based on the category. Two examples:



      •      Mounting (SMD, AXIAL, RADIAL, LUG, SCREW, FORMED, ASSY)
      •      Voltage
      •      Tolerance
      •      Capacitance



      •      Mounting (PCB)
      •      Connection Method (CPIN/M, CPIN/F, FASTON, RING, SPADE)
      •      Wire Gauge


      There are about 400 of these categories each with their own variables, this could mean around 1000-2000 variable fields on a card. The question is do I need to be concerned about performance or reaching some limit in the system? I don't care for doing this as separate cards for each part type......would be a lot of cards to manage and sort through....not to mention a change that affects all of them would be a lot of work. The other way is to try setting up one card with all 400 categories with all these variable controls and dropdown boxes that change depend on the selection. I'm a bit concerned that I may reach some sort of limit in the system or create a card that takes 20 minutes to load and save or risk corruption or something.


      Now I could create this in a test system but that's a lot of work for something that may not work. Either direction I take would take weeks of setup and ideally I need to setup both to see how they compare.


      Anyone else doing something similar?

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          Kishore Garakipati

          Hello Jason,


          After going through your requirement of "part standardization system", I think I might not be totally wrong in suggesting you to try by creating folders in EPDM based on the categories identified (atleast at the category level). You can later work on defining variables as needed.


          The folder creation based on the categories identified will be one time job and could be an admin task. But once you do it, you can have documents (once created and stored) automatically categorized under the defined folders.


          I hope you would now be thinking ' IS IT NOT CRAZY to do so..!!!"


          Do you remember that SolidWorks "TOOL BOX" and similar standard part library structures which are typically maitained to contain different sets of documents in an organized way and intelligently....


          If not let me know the hurdles that might come up and which I would have missed to consider..!!! Let me know if this information helps