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Referenced Documents - Automatic generation of primary with referenced

Question asked by Barry Stump on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2010 by qinghai jin

Just seeing who may have played with this and has accomplished it.


Once our drawings are "Released to Library" they can then be "Issued for Construction".  At that moment I want to have the system generate PDF's, DXF's (of plate cut parts) etc. all under a Work Order number (job number).  With the bulk set of PDF's issued I want a follower document (maybe called an IFCL (Issued for Construction List) or Document Transmittal or whatever) to be generated, and list all the PDF's in a table on the document with their revision level, last rev date, descriptions etc.  I want for each part to automatically generate a DXF, plus generate a DXF follower that is specific for each DXF and again a DXF follower that will give the complete listing of DXFs.


Anyone played with this?