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    Referenced Documents - Automatic generation of primary with referenced

    Barry Stump

      Just seeing who may have played with this and has accomplished it.


      Once our drawings are "Released to Library" they can then be "Issued for Construction".  At that moment I want to have the system generate PDF's, DXF's (of plate cut parts) etc. all under a Work Order number (job number).  With the bulk set of PDF's issued I want a follower document (maybe called an IFCL (Issued for Construction List) or Document Transmittal or whatever) to be generated, and list all the PDF's in a table on the document with their revision level, last rev date, descriptions etc.  I want for each part to automatically generate a DXF, plus generate a DXF follower that is specific for each DXF and again a DXF follower that will give the complete listing of DXFs.


      Anyone played with this?

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          Kishore Garakipati

          Hi, Barry..


          I am sure you would have known by now that can be accomplished with customization. However, we have work around solution to do it by using "Dispatch" utility provided along with the EPDM install CD's.


          Within Dispatch, you will have to follow below steps


          1. Once you have your "system" generating required PDF's & DXF's, you will have to execute Dispatch tool (unfortunately manually but we can look at automating it).
          2. From Admin configuration stand,
            • Set up the dispatch tool to have "Menu" interface and build below actions within Dispatch tool
            • Set up a "Parameter" file (having a *.csv file template) and link it to dispatch functionality
            • Define necessary variable definitions (for syntax refer dispatch guide) into the mentioned parameter file. Save it
            • Set up to run the parameter file "N" number of times by placing it within "From Documents" & "End of Documents" actions within Dispatch
            • Save the Dispatch Action
          3. From User stand point,
            • Select the menu (created through dispatch tool) on the folder containing PDF & DXF files
          4. If the dispatch is configured properly, you should be able to generate a new file containing sequential information of the PDF & DXF files stored in the folder.
          5. Have windows task scheduler to watch out the for the "IFCL" file that is just created and get it copied to the location required (in EPDM or anywhere else). If not you can use dispatch option itself by configuring to save the file within EPDM itself.


          The dispatch tool is little tricky and has some bugs here and there. If you could master on it, you can do miracles. If you have clarifications let me know. Hope the above information is useful to an extent atleast.

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            qinghai jin

            I completed the functions in my standalone application with Solidworks API but not with PDM's. I don't know PDM has its API for this or not.


            Generated .SAT, which is for CNC operator to use it 3D models in ECAD(provided by CNC machine supplier), it likes your Gibbs CAM.

            The .SAT 's follower documents are PDF and INI file for CNC machine setting up information. To complete the function is easy with Solidworks API.

            The only difference is .DXF you want while .SAT generated instead in my application.


            Of course, the three types files are dispatched into one folder under the name of Project No. when every project is finished in my appliation.