Pack and Go

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 20, 2006
I have SwW2007 with SWE 2007. I'm having trouble with copying with pack and go.

I'm using (trying) to use a template folder for our group to copy with pack and go to a new folder, rename and keep all the references in the new folder.

My template folder includes (3) different drawing files (all refer to the same assembly) , 1 assembly, and a couple of parts. When I use pack and go I'm selecting one of the drawing files. Then I select the include drawings box in the upper left. From here I rename the files, but I'm confused about the fact that it lists them several times and when I get to the new folder, even tho all the files are renamed I'm loosing a reference somehow. 1 or 2 of the drawing files will come in with the correct reference and and 1 or 2 will refer back to the original folder. I can't find any help in the help menu for this stuff.

I would appreciate any help here.