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Changing Line Entitiy Layers

Question asked by Scott McFadden on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Scott McFadden

I am reverting back to my Autocad days.

I have a drawing that I eventually have to convert into a model.

In the process I am having to change line entities to certain layers.

I am on the last leg of this journey and that is I have converted all of the hatching, hidden,

text, drawing borders and titleblocks and all of these are hidden.

Only thing left is the object lines.

I am windowing and cross-windowing and when I select the layer I want these objects to be

on it hatches portions of it while changing the layer.

Don't want the hatching and never called for it to be there.  It is already there, but hidden on another layer.

Does anyone know why this is happening?