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Section view problem solved in assembly drawing (parts in some section views were not showing)

Question asked by MIRATecnologia Projectes on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Don Vanzile

Hi everyone,


We just found a solution to a problem we had that didn't seem to be logical. Might be a bug in SW2010 (SP 3.1).


First of all the problem:


In our drawing of a large assembly, we wanted to make a couple of section views. In some of these section views all elements were displayed (like it should be), in some others, you could only see a couple of parts.


Changing the display state is not an option, because we only had one display state. Changing display style (to shaded planes with wireframe edges and back) didn't help. We tried a couple of other things but nothing seemed to help.



Eventually we went to the 3D model, to check the possible configurations and display states of the assembly. We had only one configuration and one display state (always displaying all the elements witouth anyting suppressed), so that shouldn't have mattered. However, after deactivating the option "Link Display States to Configurations" everything worked fine again in the drawing. The section views in the drawing displayed all the elements like they should do.


Has anybody had the same problem before? Is it a bug or am I missing something and did we do something wrong in the beginning?