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Test specifications for dynamic analysis

Question asked by 1-FKI4X8 on Aug 4, 2010
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Hi all,

I am pretty new to dynamic analysis, eventhough i have been using SWX simulation for quite some time now. Pls help me understand these specifications and the procedure that needs to be followed in SolidWorks simulation


Vibration Resistance:

The equipment should be capable of trouble free operations under the influence of propeller vibrations at the frequencies up to 5 Hz with an amplitude of 1.0 mm and the frequencies 20 to 30 Hz with an acceleration of 1 G.

freqency 5-33 Hz, +/- 0.16 mm constant displacement Duration, 2 Hrs


Vibration Proof (at 1.0 g):

Frequency 5-10 Hz, +/- 1.0 mm

Frequency 10-20 Hz, +/- 0.63 mm

Frequency 20-25 Hz, +/- 0.40 mm

Frequency 25-30 Hz, +/- 0.28 mm

Frequency 30-33 Hz, +/- 0.23 mm

Sweep rate 1 octave/minute tested for 3 axes. Duration 15 minutes/axis.


pls let me know the procedure to be followed to carry out this analysis.thanks