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Solver abnormal termination error - not a memory issue?

Question asked by 1-SNHNOG on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2010 by Matthew McKnight



I was hoping someone here could help me figure out how this error is happening. I am running an analysis of flow around an object (travelling very fast) and am receiving the "abnormally detected" error above at iteration #25. I know for sure that this is not a memory issue, first because I have a good deal of RAM on this computer, and second because the log says that the memory is OK.


If it helps at all, for the first few iterations I receive an error about a high mach number (I have checked the "high mach number" option). That goes away after a while, so I assumed it is just due to the error-reducing process of iteration.


Here is what I assume the relevant part of the log.



Iteration   25
Error (4) found in the cv: nCV=27091; 0x8322F620; U=0x6093ED30
cv:  X=-6.5938  Y=-0.987994  Z=-6.69714;  dv=0.0379503
brick: dx=0.498395  dy=0.284977  dz=0.267197;  dV=0.0379503
  U[0]=101325;  U[1]=-1.04114e-012;  U[2]=5.03963e-008;  U[3]=2.13219e-013;  U[4]=1.20371;  U[5]=253947;  U[6]=86.5918;  U[7]=3998.98;  U[8]=1.20371;  U[9]=1;  U[10]=1.81464e-005;  U[11]=293.2;  U[12]=1006.64;  U[13]=0.707388;
Estimated FLD size=26.74 Mb
Writing FLD file "C:\Users\...\SolidWorks\3\r_abnorm.fld"...
write_bcf_mesh took 1.03 sec.     Total save FLD took 1.98 sec.
real FLD size=19.64 Mb
Free memory:
Free memory:


I tried to open r_abnorm.fld in a Notepad file, but it is gibberish. Any suggestions?


This is my first attempt at the SW Flow Simulation, so it is not outside the realm of reason that I am doing something very wrong in setting up this simulation. If someone has any suspicions about what I am doing wrong, I would be glad to provide any relevant settings to help diagnose the problem.


Thank you very much in advance