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    Bolt constraint issue

      Hey Guys,


      Quick question...is there a way to use a bolt connection on the bottom slot holes?  From my experience bolt connections can only be used on concentric surfaces, and when I try to place a grounded bolt in those slots it wont work.  There has to be a way to place a bolt in the center of those slots, but the simulation manual I was given shows no such example.  Any ideas???



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          Deepak Gupta

          Create one axis in these slots and use that to define the bolt (just an idea, I'm not an expert with FEA)

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            Ryan Werner

            You are correct, you can only choose a  circular edge to define a bolted connection.  A grounded bolt will still work for your application but you will have to define your bolts at one end of your slot or the other.


            If you really want to see results that represent a bolt in the middle of the slot than I would suggest creating a split line that represents either the washer surface or bolt surface the will contact that bottom flange and then restrain it appropriately.


            Ryan W.