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Decal file check in?

Question asked by Stephen Ball on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Stephen Ball

Hi there,


I noticed the other day that when I add a decal to a part, and check that part into the PDM vault, the decal does not get checked in.  The reference to the decal file remains local to the machine.  Is there a way to force SW to reference a file in the vault?


This is the process I currently use:


1) Check the decal image file into the vault BEFORE applying the decal to the part.

     - I chose to create a separate "project" to contain such decal files, but this is not required.

2) Apply the decal to the part (using the image file in the vault).

     - When browsing for the image file, I navigate to the "Workgroup PDM vault" using the large icons on the left side of the resulting open dialog.

     - At this point, I am asked to check out the image file into my working directory.

3) Check back in my part that has the decal attached

     - The decal file is NOT checked in at this stage, nor is there an option.

4) I attach the file to the part in the PDM browser so that I can easily find the decal image file.



Issues with this process:


1) If another user checks out the part, the decal image is NOT checked out automatically.  The part shows up with no decal, and a broken link to the decal image file.  The user must first check out the image file so that it is present in their working directory.  At this point the decal will show up correctly.

2) If the image decal is modified/revisioned, then there is no way to automatically check out the latest version of the decal image file.  SW seems to use whatever file is already in the working directory.


Clearly there is a "link" to the image file in the vault because it prompts me to check it out when I first apply the decal.  However, once it is applied, the decal references appear to stay local.  Any thoughts, suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your help!