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Simplest possible Use Case

Question asked by 1-SN2E18 on Aug 3, 2010
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CONTEXT: As a mere collaborator in design process of my enterprise, all i really need to do is:

- browse design docs (.DWG format, usually) produced by others

- highlight select elements and add comments (i.e. markup)

- take measure of selected elements

- print whole documents or selected print areas, to a certain scale (e.g. 1mm = 1m, or 1:1000)


QUESTION: does the eDrawings viewer support this Use Case (or User Story, i guess i should call it)? If not all, then what parts?


All i know is that it supports the first (browse) function in a nice and intuitive way, showing all layers by default, then allowing me to easily filter (i.e. deselect) layers in any combination... But the promise of 2nd and 3rd points above is denied, as the entire Tools menu -including such commands as "Measure," "Comment," etc.-  is "grayed-out," the "Select" tool does not work (to highlight anything), and the "Print" and "Save As..." commands don't offer any controls over scale.


NB: From explanation on this page of help site:

-it sounds as though the application can deliver functions 2 and 3 above (i.e. Markup and Measure) by letting me either "Publish" the file or "Save As..." with options, but as my "File" menu shows no "Publish" feature, and my "Save As..." dialog contains no "Options" button, i can do neither.


Am i missing something? If so, please advise. Thanks for your attention!