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    Position Numbers and API

    Jim Sculley

      Are position numbers on named BOMs accessible via the API?  I have some non-SW files that are being built as BOMs using user-defined references.  If components are added or removed, I would like to programmatically access the position number information so that I can update it accordingly.


      Jim S.

        • Re: Position Numbers and API
          Kishore Garakipati

          Hi, Jim


          I think we can access to the position number in Named BOM by using EPDM API.

          Based on the event (pre-add, post add, pre-delete, post delete and so on) during which you would like to change the Named BOM and its position number, I think you will be able to accomplish you task if you follow \ try using below API interfaces and methods. Do let me know if you need any further help:


          IEdmBom interface
          IEdmBom::GetView method


          IEdmBomView interface



          IEdmBomCell interface


          EdmBomCol_RefVariable (which can be position number, cutlength and so on)


          Hope the above informaiton helps and all the best with your coding.