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Video Card for new PC

Question asked by Michael Cudnik on Aug 2, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2010 by 1-98QLGO

I am ready to purchase a new workstation.  I have done all the research and read all the posts.  I have decided on the fastest clock speed new 6-core Intel proc.


My problem is deciding on a videocard.  With SW2008, I started with an ATI V7200 and was very happy - no issues.  I then "upgraded" to an Nvidia FX3700 and irregardless of driver revision, I had problems.  Although everyone on the forum seems to love the card, I could not get it to run stable.  After that we updated to ATI V7600 - still no issues - ran even better.  We have been using the V7600 with SW2009 and Win7 64 with no problems.


So now I am having a hard time choosing a videocard.  The contenders are as follows....


ATI V5800

ATI V7800 

NVidia FX1800

NVidia FX3800


Obviously from my past experience and stability, I am leaning towards the ATI cards.  But the specs on the Nvidia's for Solidworks are always great.  And as always saving money is good.  I don't want to go for the V7800 if the V5800 is completely adequate.  We work on both very large and small assemblies.


Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.