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copy settings wizard

Question asked by Martin Schneider on Aug 2, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by Matt Feider

Hi everyone,


for the moment we use a batch script on logon to distribute our company settings. Since we install new machines with windows7 Enterprise 64bit,

this will be a problem because of the UAC.


I figured out that it is a good way to apply the company settings with the installation of Solidworks into the HKey\Local_Machine\software\solidworks path.

Then my plans are to stop the batch script. All the existing Solidworks machines running under XP, i then wanted to push with the copy settings wizard.

But, when i tried this, i saw that not all of our machines could be found in the list of machines:

copy settings wizard 1.JPG

copy settings wizard 2.JPG

Sometimes it happens that the box "available computers" is totally empty.


Can anyone confirm this problem?

Is there a way to use the copy settings wizard in a kind of batch mode, where i type all the machines into a list and they will be set up?


Thanks in advance