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Workflow States

Question asked by Barry Stump on Aug 2, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Joel Magnuson

OK we want to set our workflows up so that we "Release to the Library" (state).  And from that we will have a "Issued for Production" under a workorder or job number.  This will ask for and then fill out field varaibles on the drawing to make the drawing work order specific.  Ok that is not a big deal to accomplish.  Move it to the "Issued for Construction" state, do the variable changes, generate the pdfs, dxfs, etc, then send it back to the "Released to Library" state.  Ensuring when it gets back home all the variables are as they were.


But what if the drawing is "Under Revision" and the shop wants to issue the old one for production.  Can we move an old revision thru a state change while a newer version is under a different state chaange?  Can the "Issued for Production" branch be a dead end line that does not change the original?  If it does truly touch the metadata (as I am sure it does) is this even possible?  If not what are the drawwbacks for forcing the shop to wait for the revision to complete?  Timing I am sure.


I think the answer will be that it is best to just have the shop wait for the revision or the cancel the revisions temporarily.  If they wait I would have to have EPDM notify the person responsible for the revision that that shop needs the drawings ASAP.