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    Turning Dummy part into Solidworks Part

    Anton Ivanov


      Is there a way that I can turn non native part into solidworks solid part. I want to change geometry of the part using sketches and features (I don’t have a lot of experience with surfaces and the part has organic shape).

      Thank you.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          What format is the non-native part?


          After importing it into SW, use the Import Diagnostics tool to help fix the model.

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            Jerry Steiger



            That is going to be really tough to do. Feature Works is good on the easy stuff like plates and holes and simple fillets. It doesn't do well on organic shapes made with Lofts, Boundary Faces, or Fill Faces.


            If you can't get the shape you want with Move Face, then you are probably going to have to build it from scratch, using the imported model as a guide. This is probably going to require you to learn a whole lot about surfacing. Matt Lombard's Surfacing Bible and Ed Eaton's Curvy Stuff tutorials http://www.dimontegroup.com/Tutorials/SolidWorks_Tutorials.htm

            will be a big help.


            Jerry Steiger


            ps. Build your new SW surfaces over the top of the imported model, matching it as closely as you can, but keeping in mind how you want to change it. This may require you to build some of it in ways that don't match the imported model very well. This shouldn't be a big deal, since your new part isn't going to match completely anyway.


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