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Trying to get wire.

Question asked by 1-9235V8 on Jul 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2010 by Ryan Petersen

We do a large number of designs that involve some type of bare copper wire which we occassionaly would like to either render or more often just export a color JPEG image.

In order to make this look correct we have always either 1) modeled the wire which is a bunch of helix and takes a long time to render; or 2) applied the tread texture then changed the base color to the orange-ish we use for copper.  Since we went to 2009 this dosn't work and in the last few weeks I have had a number of instances where this is needed so now I'm trying to make it work.


I did some search on line and found a great suggestion on how to do this.  If I create a model of all the strands laid out in a flat sheet, make and image of it, then apply that image at an angle on the part it should look very much like wire.  Sounds great and really easy... but there is a problem.  I can't get the wire to not have a gradient from one end to the other.  (See image). In PW I have tried all illimination options off, one dirrectional light source perpendiculare to the plane of the model.  I have environment turned off and all of the room settings (walls, ceiling, floor) set the same and have switched them all on and off.  I have background set to plane white and forground is off.


So when I apply it to a part I get this:



There are two problems with the above image. 1) The colors don't match on both ends so it looks like crap. 2) There is some weird line showing up so it looks like crap.


So does anyone know how to fix these two problems?


Has anyone set up a texture, image, or P2m file for copper wire?