Tapani Sjoman

Uninstall 2009SP5.1 problem with vista 64 bit?

Discussion created by Tapani Sjoman on Jul 30, 2010

I got quite a mess after downgrading from 2009 SP5.1 to SP4.1.


I have lost several programs/folders from C:\Program Files (x86)  after downgrading.


I run uninstall SW2009 x64 SP5.1 from Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

After that also installed SP4.1 and upgraded SW2010 to SP4.0.


Vista still starting but have to reinstall almost everything under 32 bit.


I hope this is only for me.



More info: Got an error message from another program: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."


Edit2: Java Virtual Machine missing ...