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Unholy large assemblies

Question asked by Damon Frashure on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2010 by Anna Wood

I'm working with an unholy large assembly, and  was hoping I could get some advice.  My companies core product has about 300 parts in each unit (counting things like the O-rings and fasteners), and many of the parts are pretty complicated in themselves.  There's nothing bad working with the unit assemblies, but when I try to add 840 of them to the full system they operate in I pretty much nuke my computer.  I just got a new workstation with an i7 860 CPU and 16GB of memory, so I don't think I'm too resource limited unless it's in the rendering department.  Can anyone think of a way I can get the units added to the system to check for all of the fitment issues without killing solidworks?  Thanks in advance for the ideas.