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    SW-2010 Link to Property…again!

    Joseph Lewinski

      I'm so sorry for asking this folks, but it is driving me nuts!  I've already searched for and read all of the posts regarding the linking of document or model properties to annotations but none of them answered the basic question.  So here it is.


      I am trying to create a DETAIL CALLOUT to for drawings that contain multiple parts on a single drawing sheet (usually no more than two parts).  For the sake of this post, I will use the PART DESCRIPTION as an example, but there are multiple properties that I want to include (Part Number, Material, Finish, Weight, etc.).  Here is a screen-shot of what I am trying to make.














      The first column of text is just that, text.  The second column, again, is just text, colons (I did this for alignment reasons).  Finally, the last column, shown here as "N/A" is where the LINKED PROPERTIES should be.  When I edit the text in the last column to insert the link, I get the following DIALOG BOX.






      You'll notice that the option I want, "Model in view to which the annotation is attached" is grayed-out.


      From what I have read in a few other posts, the solution seems to be to create this DETAIL CALLOUT within the drawing template and add a part to it;  create the desired links, then delete the part.


      This certainly sounds logical, but in practice, I cannot get this to work.  No matter what I try, I cannot get the "Model in view to which the annotation is attached" option to become available (and yes, I have verified that the properties are already set-up in the part file).


      Would someone out there, one of you GURU GUYS or GALS, PLEASE spell out the necessary steps needed to accomplish this!  I know that I am not the only one having problems with this.  Many users need to do something very similar to this.


      Oh and by the way, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND WITH THINGS LIKE, "Read the f'n manual", or, "It's in the help file".  I've read all of those three or four times already.  None of those resources are written very well at all.






      Thanks for reading this long post and please forgive me if you're all tired of regurgitating the same info time after time.  But sometimes, it's just needed when the earlier information is a clear as mud.




      Joe L