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Missing info on customer prints when opening in edrawings 2010 sp04?

Question asked by 1-SKRAXS on Jul 28, 2010

Hello my name is Matt


This may sound odd but I have an issue at my company with customer prints and missing info. Our company is a custom fabrication job shop. We get many Solidworks drawings from our customers. Our sales team of 4 guys use edrawings to open these files for quotation. After two of our sales people upgraded from edrawings 2010 sp02 they bagan to have issues with the drawings revision boxes. Many times the drawings will have three xxx's where the revision should be at. The one sales guy who still is on edrawings 2010 sp02 can open the very same drawings and have the correct revision in the box. I have re-installed the problematic edrawings versions and rebooted but had no success. I have the full version of solidworks 2010 that two other CAD guys and I share a network license to operate. We open these drawings and can see the the correct revision. If any one could make sense of this issue just let me know. I can provide further info if requested.