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    Turbulence Models



      I have solid work flow simulation. I can see only I-L and K-epsilon as turbulence models which are very limited to many afvanced fluid mechanics problems.


      I am studying the flow pattern at the exit of a forwarded centrifugal fan and comparing with the experimental results


      This flow requires other turbulence models which don't exist in the flow simulation such as K- Omega, Reynolds stress model, Detached Eddy simulation,  LES, SST model near the wall.


      Please advise


      Samer Hassan

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          Loic Ancian


          Then the answer is in your question : Flow simulation only provides K-Epsilon model (a little bit modified). So there is no other model available.

          Sorry for that.


          You can see in following pic the values that are used for the k-espilon. It seems that one of the parameter was changed.



          here is what I was told by support :

          "for fm we use other constant: instead of 20.5 in classical model we use 7.5. This constant was changed after numerous different calculations of flows in pipes, plates and so on in order to match test data and calculation results with our code better."



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              Jianhu Nie

              Although SW Flow Simulation's manual mentioned it used k-e model, the one is not the standard k-e model which is requires wall-function method near the solid wall. Lam-Bremhorst model is a low-Re k-e model. With the damping function, it can be applied all the way to the solid wall. This should be good if mesh is fine enough.

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                  Ramya Ramaswamy



                  Can you please tell me how I can change the turbulence model with the damping function? Is there any good reference material that you can suggest which will help me learn more about how I can change my models?

                  Thank you


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                      Jianhu Nie

                      If you want to change in SW Flow Simulation, I don't know.


                      For k-e -like turbulence models, there are a number of papers. For example, AKN models in Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 1993 (Flow) and 1994 (Thermal). The table in previous post  by Loic is a good summary of popular ones. Actually, standard k-e model is one special case of low-Re k-e models, while the damping function is unity (one).