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Question asked by Wesley Prins on Jul 29, 2010
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I've got a question concerning the solidworks license,


We have 3 licenses in the company.

Since we obtained the licenses we changed a few time our computer due of reasons of system crashes and requirements.

Since the latest system crash we tried to reinstall SW on one of our computers but the license was refused.

Apperantly the license was registered on multiple computers.

This is however not true since we uninstalled SW every time we could(with a hard disk crash hard to uninstall)

Apparently you can uninstall SW but this doesnt mean the license is removed.

Now we are blocked cause we dont want to uninstall SW on the other pc's remaining , since we're not sur we can install them back.

I got a collegue who's completely blocked and can't do anything!


Anyone got an idea how we can free up our licenses?

How can we unregister unused licenses registered?


Thank you if you could help us out



Note: atm we got 2 pc's running with SW so their should be 1 license open!