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Question asked by Tara Campese on Jul 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by Tara Campese

Hi everyone,


I am trying to create BOM with the following properties:


  • Displays only the purchase parts (ie, parts not created in-house) in a given assembly and its subassemblies. 
  • Sort all the displayed parts by Vendor then Vendor Number


The only way I have found to display all parts and parts in sub-assemblies (and even a few assemblies where necessary) is by selected the Indented Assembly option and hiding the parts that are manufactured in-house.  But then when I sort, the remaining parts group with parts from their sub assemblies (see attached picture).  I have tried moving parts up and down in the BOM Contents window, but the parts won't move to the correct location.


I have also attempted using the Parts Only BOM option, but then the purchase parts that are inserted as assemblies don't show up.


Does anyone know of a solution for this?





PS I am using SoldWorks 2007