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Storing .dwt files in Enterprise PDM

Question asked by Fred Rasmussen on Jul 27, 2010

Shouldn't Enterprise PDM allow me to store ANY file type in the vault? In a perfect world, I could include the file extension on a particular file data card and add the file extension to the list of file extensions in the Administration tool, right?


But in the case of Autocad templates, (.dwt files), Enterprise PDM allows me to check the file into the vault and retrieve the file. But when I try to check out the file and change a value on the data card (create a new version), I get the following error message...


"Could not save card data to file. This might happen if the file is opened by another application. Details: The object has an invalid type for the specified operation."


2010-07-27 15 10 26.png


For now, the solution is to rename the file to .dwg, check it out and make all the desired changes. After I click Save, I check it in with no trouble and finally I rename it back to .dwt.