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Reference configuration: "Model view" selecting a part in an assembly, bad result

Question asked by alvise ferro on Jul 27, 2010
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I've got a little question, and before you'll start saying "nonono, the standards says you cannot!" i want to sat that i know that this procedure and this way to work is not 100% correct!:-)


A supplier of mine wants to have all the specifications of parts and assembly on the same drawing, for the reason they supplies the entire structure (he says) and in this way he works better. But I'll go on in saying that single part drawings + one assembly drawing is a more correct procedure (in terms of standards).


To do that  i make the assembly, i create the drawing starting from it; i finish all my works on assembly and on the upper level of the drawing i put all the specifications about the part i need.


So, i make a view of the single part:


- I click model view

- I select the part

- I insert my desidered view of the part


Everything till now was good.


But today in an assembly i had a problem: i have the same part for three times, in three different configuration. There's no part file open, and also the assembly file is closed.


When i "Model View" the different configurations parts, "Reference configuration" doesn't select automatically the right configuration of the part, and i have to select it manually. The strange thing is if you do the same with "Standard 3 view" you obtain the right result!


Bug? or a problem of SW 2010 Sp4?


Thanks in advance for your help,