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electric routing "from/to list" insert component issue

Question asked by Ken Chan on Jul 27, 2010
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I found that the list of components from the from/to list disappears if I change the name of sub-assembly.


Solidworks allows you to insert components from the from/to list anytime using the insert Components button. Any unused components will appear on the "Part/Assembly to Insert" section for selection. However, these unused components will disappear when the name of the sub-assembly is changed.


for example, I changed the name of sub-assembly from [ Harness_1^Assem1] to [ 917000000^Assem1]. After I changed the name, I couldn't call the list out again.


I can't show Harness_1 on the BOM as the production team will not understand what it is, so I need to show them the part name as 917xxxxxx.


Do any one have any idea how to get this done?


Appreciate your help!

Thank you.