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    Sending Model Files to CAM/CNC Software - Threaded Features Help

    Dan Bertschi

      Hi Everyone,


        Let me first admit that I've never programmed anything related to CAM/CNC, nor have I used CAM software as a machinist to cut steel.  I have read a lot, and seen a lot of demos at SWWorld though , so I really know what I'm talking about...


        Here's my situation, we have people working on detailed components using several CAD packages, SolidWorks, ProE, Unigraphics, etc.  Some are even modeling threads in the features !!


        When I ask,  WHY are you doing that?  The response I get is, "We need the threaded features because we are cutting steel from the model."  .....OK, cutting the rant short...


        Here's where my logic and memory tells me, "That's totally ABSURD, the whole point of modeling, especially w/ tools like the Hole Wizard, is that simple features can be recognized by CAM systems to items such as threading."  I thought that most CAD systems can basically create libraries of features that represent things like threaded holes, then CAM systems can read the DATA from the features, not the surface geometry, and recognize that a given cylindrical hole is actually a 1/2" -13 threaded hole, 1" deep.


        Am I wrong?  am I over simplifying things?  I understand the systems may require some set-up and/or customization to make this happen, but it is possible, yes?


        Someone please give me a little substantial fact, for my battle against excessive modeling practices that are killing the performance of these models.  Links to specific CAM sites that work this way would be appreciated too, .


      Thanks all!   Have a nice, non-frustrating day!




      PS. Don't forget to send in your papers in for SWWorld 2011!

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          Dave Lelonek



          While every CAM system is different, your assumption is correct, needing to model threads is absurd. First off, threads can be generated using taps, thread mills, single point cutting on a lathe or rolling.


          IMO, non of those operations require modeled threads.


          Some CAM systems have feature recognition but anytime you have too much automation you get automatic mistakes.


          So, a CAM system is not a magic wand that you simply send your CAD model and BOOM, there is your CNC program. A CAM system is a tool just like all other software. You still need a human to interact and process the machining properly.


          I have programed many parts with threads and I have not once needed modeled threads.


          I hope that helps you.