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    unusal discrepency

      Hi Jamie, what version/SP are you using and can you send me the model?


        • unusal discrepency
          Can any one explain why this might happen?

          I'm running a flat spring that had significant displacment. The set-up used shell with displacment loading. I can only obtain results with non-liner solvers, linier studies with large displacment fail. The unusal occurance is this. I have analyzed the part with FFEPlus And N-R(newton-raphson), FFEPlus and MN-R(modified newton raphson) and spare and N-R and have gotten the exact same results, however, I ran the same part with sparse and MN-R which had drasticly diffirent results. The result of the sparse & MN-R was 35% lower loading than the other three results. Any answers?