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Found some nice deals on high end workstations....

Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Jul 26, 2010

For those looking for a new workstation having a budget, check what is available on the Dell Outlet site, I just get a couple of machines there with a high end configuration for under 50% their normal cost.


First I get an M6500 portable workstation with i7-920XM CPU, 2 - 256GB SSD's, 12GB 1600MHz RAM, NVidia FX3800, Blu-Ray RW Optical Drive, and much more "toys" (finger print reader, WAN card, etc,) for under US$ 3,500.00.


Then I get a T75000 workstation with 2 XEON Quad Cores X5667 12MB L3, 4 - 350GB 10K HD's, 24GB 1333 MHz RAM, Nvidia 4GB FX5800, Blu-Ray RW Optical Drive, etc. for under US$ 3,900.00


They are "refurbished" units, but they carry full 3 year service and warranty.


They have some "monster machines" there (dual CPU's, 96GB RAM, etc.) for a fraction of the cost.  The inventory change every week and from time to time some high end configurations showup there.