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Could not obtain a license for SolidWorks Standard, server node is down or not responding (-96,491,0)

Question asked by Theo Linders on Jul 26, 2010
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We are preparing for the new academic year 2010-2011 and i started last week some testing with the new SolidWorks 2010-2011.

For this test i installed windows 7 professional (without antivirus and firewall) and there i installed the license server. Activation

over the internet was no problem.

After this i installed a SolidWorks client on another windows 7  computer and SolidWorks works Ok.


Because we use several different computer images on our school i installed SolidWorks again on another Win7 PC but here i start

to have problems. While starting up SolidWorks i get the message "Could not obtain a license for SolidWorks Standard" Server node is down or not responding (-96,491,0). On both clients i have installed SolidWorks 2010 Sp3.1. (see attachment)

To be sure it has nothing to do with any hardware problems i installed win7 and SolidWorks on a 3rd pc but still i get the same message.


On the licenseserver i reactivated the license, stopped and restarted the server, reread, but no luck.


The names for the license server and clients are ok.


This morning i realised something that might be important.

On the computer with the working SolidWorks, i previously installed the SolidWorks Student Edition. When i received the Education Edition

i removed the Student Edition and cleaned out the registry.

I don't know if it is important but you never know.



Can anybody help or has anyone got the same problems




Theo Linders

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