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Stop combining notes, I just want to join them

Question asked by 1-SJ135K on Jul 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by Abishek Hariharan

I am using SolidWorks professional 2010 x64, When doing drawings, sometimes I use notes to label parts instead of balloon (since I may have assembled in a different order than I want them on my BOM).  I have multiples of the same part in some assemblies and I want to label them for my BOM, so I make a note==>Straight lead, circular border with 2 character spacing so it look just like a balloon, and go to label the parts.  if I label the same parts while initially putting the notes down, and drag them on to of each other, they combine perfectly so I have say a 6 with 4 leaders coming out of it. (image 1):


But, if I want to move a leader, the note whose leader i moved separates and now its ugly(image 2):



so I go to move the circular part of the not back on top of the others, and it combines, displays an additional 6 below on of the others and deletes a leader.  so now I have 3 leaders and a six on top of another six, this is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen. (image 3):


I just want it to be one circle with 4 leaders again!


Please help!