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using belt chain feature SolidWorks crashes

Question asked by Thomas Torres on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by Tom chen

I am using the belt feature for the first time and Solidworks keeps crashing when I do the last step to create part. I wasn't sure what I was doing so I created a very basic design to test it. I designed a square block with three pins extruded from it and one pulley and used it with all three pins and mated them with concentric and coincidence on front of pulley and front of pin. Now this is the procedure that I did. I clicked the belt feature icon, and clicked on the surface of the pulley for location. the yellow sketch line is located in the middle of the pullies as expected. I didnt click any other icons except for engage belt and tried it. when the screen changed and moved one pulley all of them moved as well. then I went back to the edit feature and added a belt thickness and so far so good. but when I clicked on create belt and the green ok button I get an error that SolidWorks has stopped working.


I don't think it's my computer I just bought it and have a Dell T1500 with 8 gig of ram w 64 processer. I saw a tutorial on line and they talked about degrees of freedom I am not sure what that means. could this be my problem? can it be the way I mated the part? I just don't know. so now what?