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Toolbox "create new parts" still showing up as Toolbox parts...

Question asked by Stephen Ball on Jul 23, 2010

Hi there,


I recently set up Workgroup PDM for our CAD files (SW 2009).  I set up the Toolbox so that a new part would be created each time so that I can manage revisions to the parts using the PDM system.  Initially, this worked just fine - any new part I dragged in from the browser would be created as a new part, and the "IsToolbox" property would be "NO" (i.e. the part would NOT show up as a toolbox reference).


The other day, we received an assembly from a supplier that had some toolbox references.  The assembly was checked into the vault BEFORE deleting the toolbox references.  Now, I have two issues:


1) In my PDM vault, I now have an empty "Library Components" -> "Toolbox References" projects, which I can't get rid of.  How do I delete this?


2) When I drag in a new toolbox part, a new file is created, BUT it is now listed as a Toolbox reference.  When I use the "sldsetdocprop.exe" to view the "IsToolbox" property, the value is listed as "COPIED" instead of "NO".  Of course I can reset this property using that utility, but this is not ideal to do each time I create a new part from the toolbox.  Can this be fixed?  Has my toolbox library been changed somehow?  Do I need to reinstall it (and if so, how do I do that??).


Thanks for your help!!