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Weldment Profile Location

Question asked by Daniel Melendez on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Daniel Melendez

Okay at my new job I just got a new PC. Yea! Yeah but the IT guy said he wasn't able to transfer any of my settings from my previous PC. I now have a 8Gig, Windows 7, PC and of course SWx 2010. So now all the weldment profiles that were installed have to be reloaded. The thing is where do they go. I loaded them up but there seems to be weldment profiles in multiple locations and I don't know which ones that weldment model that I'm working on is pulling from. When I went to edit feature on one of the structural features it went haywire. It's a good thing in 2010 that when you hit don't save, it doesn't save otherwise I would be much further behind than I already am. Any suggestions on where the profiles should be and how to better manage them. We have no admin so I'm the acting admin and I stress acting. Thanks, Daniel