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    Triad (static)

    Kenneth Barrentine

      just discovered that if you double click on the legs of the triad it will set you normal to that axis.

      e.g., double click on the Z axis (blue leg of triad) and you will be normal to Front Plane.


      been using Solidworks for about 12 years and never knew this.

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          Alin Vargatu

          Right you are. Moreover, the help file says:



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            Robert Cruz

            TRIAD ROTATION functionality "Normal To" - Enhancement since SW2009.



            Kenneth B., this triad rotation moving  Normal to Planes XZ, YZ, XY when selected Axis R/G/B. This functionality has been implemented in the SW2009 and

            continues in SW2010, SW2011 Beta ( I Still have to check on that Beta 2011).

            Very Helpful for a quick visibility on the axis X or Yor Z directions.

            Someone correct me if am wrong, before SW2009 only through other indirect one step using the heads up tool bar icone "Normal To a plane" after select a plane or  s  face, and so  on ...

            Very good observation on the interface "tricks". Some other "tricks and tips" can be found clicking, dragging or using windows based as CNTTL C - CNTRL V and droping on the feature Tree areas or almost accidentally by an user ...

            Lets see what the SW 2011 Beta has to add on that !

            As a good ref there is some Outstanding presentation on "Tricks and Tips" at past Soliworks World ref interface tricks, noted as Phil Sluder, Rick Jordan, etc ...





            Robert Cruz

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              Jim Wilkinson

              Hi Kenneth,


              You may also want to check out the following blog post. In this post, I tried to document ALL the ways you can manipulate the view (including the triad) so you may pick up some other nuggets:


              How do I manipulate my model view; let me count the ways