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Question asked by Joseph Lewinski on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by Paul Marsman

Ok gang.  Let's try this one.


I need to show markings "stencils" on an assembly drawing.  The way I do these stencils on a PART file is to sketch the desired text at a specific location and extrude it a minimal amount (.001) to simulate the painted stencil.  I know that decals would be a better solution, however, we DO NOT use shaded or rendered views in our drawings, therefore making stencils useless (I think).  We only use "hidden-line-visible" or "hidden-line-hidden" views, so decals won't work.


Now then, for most of our assemblies, the stencils are added at the assembled stage.  I cannot seem to add any type of extrusion to the assembly.  So I figured that I could create a configuration at the part level that included the stencil, have the stencil suppressed at the part drawing level, and visible at the assembly level.  No dice.  When I open the assembly drawing, the stencils are there as they should be, but when I reopen the part drawing, the stencil is visible there as well (not good!).


I hope I've explained the problem clearly.  Does anybody have any idea as to what I'm doing wrong, or if in fact, this can even be done?


Anxiously awaiting a reply.


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Joe L.