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    wire edm output

    robert dattilo


               I'm working with a toolmaker to produce some tools with a edm wire burning machine. We have a simple profile on the tool, & we output that as a dxf that seems to work for him. One problem that we're having is that the edm is giving him a note that the radii are conical, when I just made a simple radius in the profile, & extruded it. We changed the extrusion depth from 1.5 to .010 to see if that would make a difference with it's ability to process what it needs to.

           I've attached the file & dxf's for reference. The simple radii are on the profile portion, not the dove tale.


         Thks for any insight in advance;

                                 rob_d (2010 sp4.0)

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          Anna Wood

          No idea, I would expect the dxf or sldprt you posted to work.


          What software package is he using to create his g-code for the wire?


          The newer software packages for wire edm work will read SolidWorks models directly.  No need to create dxf's.


          We use Esprit and haven't created a dxf for wire for a number of years.


          Another thought.... If he has the detail drawing with dimensions available why can't he delete the offending radius and create it in his wire software to the numbers on your drawing.  I would expect his software would be capable of handling that pretty easy.


          One last thought, when you save the dxf file for wire, be sure to set the Options for the Save As in a very early version of AutoCAD.  Like a version 12 dxf.  You might also select the option to save all splines as polylines as well.





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              robert dattilo


                    The software that he's using is 2007 Feature Cam. We tried using a part file from SW, but I was surprized to see it say "couldn't find any solids in this file; perhaps it contains imported geometry. This was a simple part done in SW 2010 sp.4.0. Another error we got when we first tried it was, couldn't start the SW document manager. All configurations will be imported. We only had one configuration though anyway.

                    Then we saved as a dxf, & it brought it in. I dxf'd it from SW, and I didn't see alot of options. I looked at saving with edges instead of views, but it would'nt let me grab the radii? then.  For now I believe he thinks the program might work anyway, even though it's telling him the radii are conical, & he's concerned about it. The tool material is very expensive.


                  Thks, again;


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              Feroz Mahomed



              I tried running a wire toolpath from the solidworks part and the dxf file.

              The solidworks part worked fine. There seems to be a problem with the dxf file. Some of the corners overlap while othes have gaps. There may be a problem when translating the drawing to dxf. We have had problems in the past with customer dxf files. One of the problems was radii and splines coming in as little segments. We found that the cause of this problem was that the drawing was saved as blocks in Autocad. The problem was fixed by exploding the block in Autocad before saving as dxf. I hope this helps.

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                Mike Leslie

                FeatureCAM 2007 will not read a SW 2010 file and be able to get anything meaningful out of it.  You will need to upgrade your FeatureCAM seat.