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wire edm output

Question asked by robert dattilo on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by Mike Leslie


         I'm working with a toolmaker to produce some tools with a edm wire burning machine. We have a simple profile on the tool, & we output that as a dxf that seems to work for him. One problem that we're having is that the edm is giving him a note that the radii are conical, when I just made a simple radius in the profile, & extruded it. We changed the extrusion depth from 1.5 to .010 to see if that would make a difference with it's ability to process what it needs to.

     I've attached the file & dxf's for reference. The simple radii are on the profile portion, not the dove tale.


   Thks for any insight in advance;

                           rob_d (2010 sp4.0)