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Compare SLDPRT or SLDASM Date VS SLDDRW Date in Enterprise PDM

Question asked by Kyle Strong on Jul 21, 2010

I am wanting to check the time gap between models and their corresponding drawings in Enterprise. We have had some engineers just update the 3D model and not update the drawing. We do not know the number of file this affect so we need to do some sort of a report so we can address the problem files. My thought was to query the SQL database through VB.NET but I do not know SQL so I am seeking some assistance. I am also very open to other ideas. If the SQL option was the best I figured I will search through the Document.Filename and when 2 entries equalled each other (stripping the file extention off of course) then I would grab the Document.DocumentID and then check the TransitionHistory.DocumentID vs the TransitionHistory.Date for the released state. If the difference between the 2 dates was say more than an hour then I would through that into a tabulated format of some sort so I could give a report.


I may be way off on this idea and am really open to any other ideas. Even report generator. I am currently on SolidWork Enterprise SP1. Thanks!