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    How can I force dim angle leader lines to overlap? I'm sure this used to work.

    Nick Tanner

      Trying to dimension the angle of a chamfered pin, I cannot get the 90 deg angle to display next to the feature. i.e. with the leader lines crossing over at the implied intersection.

      I'm sure this used to work pre-2009.


      I can do a workaround by adding a line tangent to one angle edge and dimensioning onto that plus one edgeline

      Or by adding 3 points, one point at the implied intersection, one at the shoulder at of the chamfer and another at the opposite shoulder, then doing a 3-point angle dimension.

      But I shouldn't have to add geometry to add a simple dimension.

      90deg angle.bmp

      Annoyingly, "Document properties > Dimensions > Angle" shows exactly what I want in the ANSI standard settings for bent leaders. Ansi angle.bmp