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    Revit 2010

      I am new to this blog. Just curious if there is a way to import Solidwork parts/assemblies into Revit Architecture 2010 projects? or viceversa, from Revit to Solidworks?  Thank you

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          John Foreman



          I just went through this yesterday.  Revit will take .sat (ACIS) files HOWEVER, only in sat file version 7.0. 

          • File
          • Saveas
          • Choose ACIS (*.sat)
          • Look for the options button before you hit Save, select version 7.0.  Solidworks supports up to version 18.0


          From the Revit documentation:

          "NoteRevit Architecture imports ACIS solids from SAT files. SAT file
          formats later than version 7.0 do not import into Revit Architecture. You
          should determine which version your solid modeling program is creating.
          Some solid modeling products (such as form-Z®) create SAT file formats
          later than version 7.0 by default. "

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            Vineeth S.


            I would like to keep you informed that there is a market solution for your requirement. Using BIMDeX SolidWorks to Revit Exporter you can export your SolidWorks model to Revit seamlessly as Revit family/ project. Write a mail to sale@bim-dex.com if you are still having this requirement.