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CSWP Testing

Question asked by James Preston on Jul 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2010 by Scott McFadden

Boy thats tuff on time, I just taken the CSWP exam. I tryed to use two moniters, this was my first mistake.  I have not been using two moniters before the test so I was very unconfortable do so.  I have went throught the essentals training books for ever versions since 2006, and have done  the Advance Modeling and Advance Assembles Training manuals in a 4 months time frame, I started the test and became over whelmed,  I gest I had Training overload.  I guest, but I tryed to do the best I could under these circumstances.

The test was very fast paced with the amount of things you had to do,  ever task that I did get done I had 100% on it. but that was not good enought didn't do all tasks.  I am a instructor of machine tool Technology and have taught SolidWorks since 2006 I went throught the practice test,  I gest I need to work on my pace in modeling.  Any thought or insights that might help me and my pace for the testing?  I go so fast when I teach SW my students ask a lot to please slow down.  I know the software so good it is hard to slow down, I guess I am missing some thing?