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Rename with Serial Number

Question asked by Barry Stump on Jul 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by Kishore Garakipati

OK imagine this.  You have a part or and assembly with configurations.  You rename with serial nember and I assume all get renamed.  OK fine.  Now you add more configurations (maybe development or junk numbers for now).  Then you decide later on that some are good configurations and again you want to rename with serial numbers.  What will happen?  will the other previously renamed configurations get renamed again or what?  What is the best practice for this?


We want to give the designer their own sets of development numbers via a serial number (say DEV-BRS000011) so they are unique and do nort compete with other designers (DEV-KJF000015).  Then when all is good they do the rename with serial number (HDE0000042 or whatever).