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Starting a Threaded Pipe Route...

Question asked by Tommy Thomasson on Jul 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by Tommy Thomasson

I'm relatively new to routing, although I have sucessfully done stuff with flanged/welded piping. My question relates to the "prefered" way of making threaded pipe routes.


With flanged piping, you insert your components (say a tank and a pump both of which already have flanges) into the assembly, and then drag flanges to each end of the route at which point you can autoroute etc.


Threaded routes don't always use flanges. For my example with the tank and the pump, both components have female threaded connections that the pipe threads directly into. There is no flange to drop another flange onto in order to start the route.


I can think of a couple of ways to rememdy this (one is making a hidden "phantom" flange that I would have to remove from all of my BOMs), but thought I should ask the folks who have been using it for a while how they do it.