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PDMW and standard parts library - Toolbox just won't go away!

Question asked by Shaun Harris on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by Shaun Harris

We have been struggling with this for a long time:


Toolbox is disabled on all of our machines.  Instead, we use a non-revision controlled standard parts library that is stored on the network, outside of PDMW.


I created a brand new assembly today and used standard parts from our library.  When I checked it into PDMW, all of the standard parts were listed as such under the Project heading (...Standard Parts References-> see attached image), which is what I'd expect.  Upon checking out that assembly, one of the those components (0010-9304) had changed to a Toolbox part and SW throws an error msg saying it can't find such and such toolbox part...obviously b/c toolbox is turned off. This situation happens all the time with different standard parts.


Within PDMW, there is a project called "Toolbox References" that was seemingly created automatically at some point.  Listed within it are several components from our standard parts library even though they are not toolbox parts (I have run "sldsetdocprop" and set Toolbox Property State to "no" on all of them). The part mentioned above; 0010-9304, is NOT in the "Toolbox References" folder in PDMW.


How might we rectify this frustrating situation?