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Toolbox Customization

Question asked by Angeline Santos on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by Jeremiah Feist

Hi, I've been trying to customize my toolbox by adding custom properties in the items.


Generally, I've been following these steps:


- open the Toolbox Settings

- [1-Select Hardware] copy the standard to be modified / save

- [2-Customize Hardware] add custom properties and apply them to the folders I need / save

- change custom properties values where needed / save - and in this part, I've been successful with the option Read-Only marked in the file in Windows Explorer


I've been successful doing this in one computer. However, I tried this in other computers and lots of problems occurred, such as:


- I can't insert the screw in the assembly

- the properties won't appear in the property manager

- the properties won't appear in the bill of materials

- the properties won't appear in the part


Errors when I can't insert the file:

"Unknown error when opening the file <file path>"

"Unknown error when opening read-only file <file path>"


And I can never reproduce these errors in another computer. When I fix one of them, another one appears.


I know this isn't very specific, but has anyone experienced problems like these before? If so, have you found out what was wrong?