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Edit Hole Callouts

Question asked by Mike Marcoux on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2010 by Mike Marcoux

I really hope some one can help me out with this one.  It's been a while since I've been on Solidworks, so I'm a bit rusty (we use both Solidworks and Pro/E at my job).


I'm creating some detailed prints of some fabricated machined components, and am just now adding the hole callouts. It's been a while since I've detailed prints and SW (we're using SW2009, about to upgrade to SW2010),  and I'm having a little trouble with bolt circles, and adding the dimensions for the bolt circles to the hole callout.  I can get the hole callout to display fine, and the bolt circle to show fine, but I can't get the bolt circle diameter dimension to show within the hole callout.  I can only enter it at text, which would not update when/if the dimension is changed.  Is there a way to add a linked dimension to a callout?


I'm sure there is, I just can't recall.   I seem to remember being able to do this in the past; not just for hole callouts, but for any dimension (adding the depth to a slot dimension for instance).  Do I have to create the dimensions as annotations and somehow link the dimension? I'd prefer not to get into modifying the call out text file, but if that's how it needs to be done, I'm up for it.