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    Rod Bends

      I've been making more and more wire components.
      I've found 3d lines to be tough to use.
      I use a solid or surface to sweep my profile around.
      I then delete the body or surface that I used to create my form.
      See the attached example for one way to do it.
        • Rod Bends
          As Aaron mentioned, a sweep could be used and a 3D sketch could also be used but in either case, configurations would also need to be utilized in order to depict the straight rod.
          • Rod Bends
            Have you tried sketching a line that the rod will travel and then using the "sweep" command with the profile being the dia. of the rod you will be using?
            • Rod Bends
              Is there any successful way of bending a rod in two places? I know flex won't do the trick and also I know that doing it through sheet metal there is no way of doing it. Please inform if there is a way.

              • Rod Bends
                There are so many different ways to accomplish anything. Nice on Bryan