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Initial Component Placement

Question asked by Jason McCrory on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by Steve Calvert

Is there a setting in SWX that governs placement behavior for "first" component placement in an assembly?


When I start an assembly, the first component I drop in always gets "Fixed" - this is annoying (maybe I'm too picky ) as I am in the habit of orienting components and parts in a particular way - specifically I mate the base part's origin to the assembly's origin, with axes aligned (unless I'm using a part modeled by someone who didn't think that way, in which case I'll spend a minute mating the base part to the Assembly planes to make it right.... see that picky streak yet?).


This is kind of a "best practice" thing for me, and I've found it helps avoid issues later on - just curious if there's a setting I'm missing.





I have C.D.O. - it's like O.C.D. except the letters are in alphabetical order... they way they should be.