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Photoview as an .exe-file...

Question asked by Sidsel Maria Norgaard-Nielsen on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by Sidsel Maria Norgaard-Nielsen

I have a problem and I hope you can help!

Photoview does not appear in my SolidWorks menu (start/programs/solidworks and so on and so forth).


We have SolidWorks Premium and I am able to find the Photoview .exe-file and I am able to load and use Photoview from this file. But this .exe-file is located in a folder for Solidworks 2010 SP0 and we are currently running Solidworks 2010 SP4.0... I would really love to be able to use a current version of Photoview that I didn't have to load from an .exe-file...

My boss (who is in charge of updating software) believes that he might have skipped updating Photoview at some point and therefore it hasn't moved along with the rest of the updates.


But how do I update Photoview so that I can actually use it? Or whatever it is I need to do...