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Realistic Looking Bearings

Question asked by Dougal Hiscock on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by Greg Van Arsdale

Hi Guys


I'm trying to get some deep groove ball bearings (the complete unit, not the balls) to look realistic and I need some help.

The outside cases are fine ground steel, the seals are black plastic or rubber.  It all sounds quite simple, but I'm wasting a lot of time going in circles.


My main problems are trying to get the outer case looking bright and the seals looking dark.  I've been starting wtih the "brushed steel" appearance and trying to modify that but it's like I'm trying to render a black hole.

The second problem is the seal washing out to grey instead of black.  I've attached a picture.


This is with ambient light at 67%, directional light above and to the left.  The real problem is realview keeps getting lighter and lighter with the changes I make but photoworks doesn't care.


What is the significance of the two colour boxes provided for some materials?  For this one they're both set to a custom light grey, I've tinkered with those a bit but can't find consistent enough behaviour to know what they do.